New Hiker Welcome

Upper La Luz

Welcome to Albuquerque Senior Centers’ Hiking Groups (ASCHG)! We have more than 300 hikes, with one starting almost daily from various Senior, Multigenerational or Sports and Fitness Centers. Come and make new friends while enjoying the great outdoors. We look forward to seeing you on the trail soon!

ASCHG is a volunteer organization sponsored by Albuquerque Senior Centers. Members of any Senior Center may hike with us. Peruse our website using the tabs in the menu bar above to obtain a wealth of additional information. Be sure to log in, as there are many more tabs available when you do.

Hiking is a fun and healthful activity. For your safety, please match the hike to your abilities. You must be generally fit and able to hike at least three or four miles. Remember, a short hike in nature is more challenging than walking the same distance in the neighborhood. Every hike description provides a rating indicating its level of difficulty. Start with one of these easier categories, and work your way up:

  • A-Easy, up to 5 miles and 200 ft. uphill.
  • B-Moderate, up to 7 miles and 700 ft. uphill.

Wear sturdy shoes, preferably hiking boots, and a hat. Dress in layers and pack rain gear such as a poncho. Bring a daypack with your lunch and plenty of water.

Get acquainted with your hike leader, driver, and hike companions. They will be glad to share their knowledge about geology, plants, animal life, and cultural history. New Mexico backcountry has so much to offer, and going out with a group is one of the best ways to enjoy it.

Learn More: Please click on the menu tab Responsibilities -> Hikers to get more details about do’s and don’ts on the trail, and a thorough preparation for a successful hike.

About Us: Curious about how our hiking groups started, what adventures we have had, how long we’ve been around as an organization? Log in and click on the menu tab About us -> Our history to read our history.