Land Ownership

Last Updated: 10/5/2021


Land ownership is important to know for existing hikes and for planning new hikes. BLM maps indicate the type of owner or administrator of a parcel of land. Common land ownership categories are: private, Indian Land or Reservation, National Forest (Admin by USFS), Public land administered by the BLM, National Wildlife Refuge & Management Areas, National Parks/Monuments, and New Mexico State Land. We also identify Wilderness (WA), Wilderness Study Areas (WSA), National Conservation Area (NCA), State Parks, Open Space administered by the City of Albuquerque, and lands along the acequias administered by the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District.

Boundaries of various land parcels are often available from GIS offices, GIS web pages, or other websites as KMZ files (used by Google Earth). Land ownership files obtained were converted to GPX files that can be imported into consumer topographic mapping software like National Geographic TOPO 4.7 (2010), DeLorme Topo North America 9.0 (2010), and Garmin Topo U.S. 24K Southwest/Basecamp.

The following maps show the boundaries of the BLM Field Offices and the Ranger Districts of the National Forests:

  1. BLMDistricts_DeLorme.jpg (242 KB)
  2. CarsonNationalForestDistricts.jpg (168 KB)
  3. CibolaNationalForestDistricts.jpg (145 KB)
  4. SantaFeNationalForestDistricts.jpg (166 KB)

Some GPX files that have been used to determine land ownership for senior hikes are listed in the table below. The file date is the date the KMZ file was converted to a GPX file; the date of the original KMZ file is earlier. The DeLorme Topo North America 9.0 or 10.0 display can be selected to color-code land ownership/administration. However, DeLorme has not updated the data to conform to BLM maps since the software was issued in 2010.

Data Sources

Land AdministratorContentFile NameFile Size (KB)Converted File Date
All Wilderness Areas in New MexicoWilderness_NewMexicoAllWilderness.gpx7278/26/2012
BLM Farmington Field OfficeBoundariesFarmingtonFieldOfficeBLM887/28/2011
BLM Rio Puerco Field OfficeBoundariesRioPuercoFieldOfficeBLM.gpx17887/28/2011
BLM Rio Puerco Field OfficeWhite Mesa Bike TrailsWhiteMesaBikeTrails.gpx13110/30/2012
BLM Rio Puerco Field OfficeWilderness AreasWilderness_RPFO.gpx7042/21/2012
BLM Rio Puerco Field OfficeWilderness Study AreasWSA_RPFO.gpx3648/26/2012
BLM Socorro Field OfficeBoundariesSocorroFieldOfficeBLM.gpx997/28/2011
BLM Socorro Field OfficeWilderness Study AreasSocorroBLM_SFO_WSA.gpx5338/1/2012
City of AlbuquerqueOpen SpaceAlbuquerqueOpenSpace.gpx4358/8/2012
NM Continental Divide TrailCDNST_NM2010_FullTrail.gpx54,1476/30/2011
State of New MexicoGame Management UnitsAllGMUs_NewMexicoUnitsLabels.gpx13297/10/2012
State of New MexicoNew Mexico State LandsNMStateLands.gpx11,5568/3/2012
USFS Carson National ForestBoundariesCarsonNatForestRanger_District_ed.gpx10336/27/2011
USFS Carson National ForestWilderness AreasWilderness_CarsonNatFor.gpx3407/25/2011
USFS Cibola National Forest, Sandia Ranger DistrictBoundariesCibolaNatForRanger_District_ed.gpx64312/11/2011
USFS Cibola National Forest, Sandia Ranger DistrictWilderness AreasCibolaWilderness.gpx2872/21/2012
USFS Cibola National Forest, Sandia Ranger DistrictSandia WildernessSandiaWildernessArea.gpx682/17/2012
USFS Cibola National Forest, Sandia Ranger DistrictSandia Wilderness 10-person boundarySandiaWOS2.gpx1292/29/2012
USFS Santa Fe National ForestBoundariesSantaFeNatForestRanger_District_ed.gpx169612/11/2011
USFS Santa Fe National ForestWilderness AreasWilderness_SantaFeNatFor.gpx4417/25/2012