2024-03-28–BCSC – Hike Report

BCSC Hike Report

Ah-shi-sle-pah Badlands – Northwest New Mexico

Hike Report Sent By: Carl Gervais

Hike Distance (mi): 6
Elevation Change (ft): 125
Total Uphill (ft): 180
Total Downhill (ft): 180


Thirteen anxious hikers left BCSC at exactly 8:30 am. Ready for the 2 hour 39 min drive to Ah-She-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area in Northwestern New Mexico. Thanks to Stella’s wonderful driving, we made to the TH at 11:19. The weather was perfect and the high clouds were gorgeous. As we joked into the hoodoos, audible “oohs” and “aahs” could be heard. The formations with the clouds made for photography heaven. After lunch we were able to see large pieces of Petrified wood with a veritable rainbow of lichen on top. On the way back, we saw a cluster of limestone rocks that several hikers called an outdoor art gallery. After the ascension back to the rim of the hike, we high tailed it back to the van. Arriving at 3 pm and back to the center by 6:45 pm. Thanks to Stella for driving and Paul for sweeping!

Information: Click here to go to the hike web page where you may view the hike map, trailhead directions, how to do the actual hike, and download the hike GPS files.

Hike Leader(s): Carl Gervais  

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