2024-03-06–PDSCW – Hike Report

PDSCW Hike Report

Golden Open Space – Bike Trails & Arroyos – Golden

Hike Report Sent By: Marilyn Warrant

Hike Distance (mi): 6.6
Elevation Change (ft): 335
Total Uphill (ft): 840
Total Downhill (ft): 840


We had ten hearty hikers on one of my favorite hikes in the Golden Open Space. It was a strange day, weather-wise. The sky was a uniform gray (but no rain and little wind). As I followed my GPS track from the mesa down into the first arroyo, I found that the track now has a discernable trail caused by others’ feet. We made our way down that arroyo, walking on rocks and navigating our way down a deep hole. Then it was up Arroyo Seco close to where it meets private property. Heading back, I used an easier way up than the former “UpDown Rock”, and we went off-trail to the intersection with the bike trail coming up from Arroyo Seco. Once again, there were footprints to follow along my track. From there, it was all on bike trails back to parking.

Thanks to Carl for driving, sweeping, and photos. We made it back to the center around 3:45 PM.

Information: Click here to go to the hike web page where you may view the hike map, trailhead directions, how to do the actual hike, and download the hike GPS files.

Hike Leader(s): Marilyn Warrant  

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