2023-09-20– PDSCW – Hike Report

PDSCW Hike Report

10K South – Crest – Sandia Mountain East

Hike Report Sent By: Marilyn Warrant

Hike Distance (mi): 5.2
Elevation Change (ft): 900
Total Uphill (ft): 950
Total Downhill (ft): 950


This hike started out badly – the hike leader left her pack at the senior center! Fortunately, she was carrying GPS, camera, water, and a fleece jacket, and no rain was forcasted. Hikers provided sunscreen and said that they had extra lunch. So, we started off on the hike, taking the right-hand-side trail. A little ways up that was blocked off with branches. Oh, well, we can handle that. We ended up going to the Tram via the service road. After that, everything went well. We had lunch at the optional view waypoint, turned at the Tree Spring intersection, and crossed the various ski runs. Thanks to Paul C for driving and sweeping.

It was a valuable experience for the hike leader — going light had the same result as using an inhaler!

Information: Click here to go to the hike web page where you may view the hike map, trailhead directions, how to do the actual hike, and download the hike GPS files.

Hike Leader(s): Marilyn Warrant

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